Bean Bags

Flashbag bean bags are a new generation of bean bags. Their speciality lies mainly in their strong and durable cover, their stability after use, and the possibility to be used both indoors and outdoors. Most of our beanbags are multifunctional, which means they can be shaped and used in many different ways. So there’s no question that they are much better than other beanbags

Bean Bag types:

Dog and Cat Bean Bags

The Flashbag dog bed or dog bean bag is a very exciting special bed filled with bean bag filler that can also be used outdoors. Its cover is strong, durable, water repellent and easy to clean. Thanks to the filling material, it is much more comfortable for puppies and kittens than traditional sponge-filled beds. The Flashbag dog bed is every pet and owner’s dream.

Other Products

Here you will find outer covers for our bean bags that can be purchased separately, as well as gift cards and other useful products or services. We also offer trial bean bags and bean bag rental. If you have a unique idea, let us know and we will make it for you.

Flashbag classic babzsák párna feliratokkal

Bean Bag Pillow

The Flashbag Classic bean bag will be a family favourite. Its versatility and extra comfort guarantee that everyone will find a comfort they’ve never had before.

Our Flashbag Classic beanbag has been in production since 2007. It was our first bean bag. It has stood the test of time over the last 10+ years and is still our most successful bean bag to date. What makes the Flashbag Classic so special is that it is shaped like a large pillow. This allows the bean bag to be used in not one, not two, but 6-8 or more different ways. After a few days of use, everyone will find the position that suits them best. The bean bag user can fold the bean bag into a armchair, a chair, a recliner, a double sofa bed, a guest bed and many other sitting or lying positions.

In addition to the shape, the special durable, water-repellent, strong cover makes the bean bag hard-wearing and suitable for outdoor use. The cover is difficult to damage even on purpose, which is why we can offer a unique 3-year guarantee on all Flashbag Classic bean bags. Thanks to both the cover and the special safety stitching, the beanbag keeps its shape after use and does not “leak” like traditional beanbags. The three rows of safety stitching, the special velcro fastener with zip closure and the inner cover ensure that the bean bag does not tear and the comfort balls stay inside the cover. The cover is easy to clean on the outside, but thanks to the two-layer technology, the outer cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine if necessary.

3 years warranty

3 years total warranty on bean bags. 1 year warranty on the beds. No excuses, just the guarantee

Free refill

If the bean bag loses its comfort, we will refill it for free during the warranty period


No risk. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund the full purchase price within 30 days

In stock

We have a huge stock of bean bags. We can supply you with bean bags immediately

100% satisfaction

We strive for 100% satisfaction. If there is any problem we will help you immediately

Fast delivery

We will deliver the ordered products to you as quickly as possible


Large Bean Bag

Outer cover + inner cover + bean bag filling

Size: 180 x 140 cm

Price: From 59.990 Ft

The Flashbag Classic is a large bean bag that will be the favourite of all the family. Dad can comfortably watch sports or his favourite movie. Mum can read or watch TV in peace. Older kids can play video games and little ones can jump in it all day long. Its size and special mouldability mean that two can use it at the same time. Its format and size make it suitable even for older people. It is easier to get out of than other textile bean bags. For adults and children, its comfort is comparable to that of a bed, recliner, armchair or relax chair.

Especially recommended for mothers! This type and size of bean bag is very comfortable to feed your baby. The bean bag can be used as a small nest for your baby to rest safely and comfortably at any time of the day. 

Bean bag weight: Approx. 7-8 kg


Medium Bean Bag

Outer cover + inner cover + bean bag filling

Size: 140 x 115 cm

Price: From 49.990 Ft

The smaller size of the Flashbag Classic medium bean bag makes it a great choice for homes where space is limited and a larger beanbag is not possible.

The medium beanbag is designed for young adults, teenagers and mums, and ladies, users in general under 160-170 cm. For them the beanbag offers complete comfort for all life situations.

The medium beanbag is also comfortable for dads or taller people but for them it offers the comfort of an armchair or a more comfortable chair.

Our medium bean bags are also popular for events and playhouses.

Beanbag weight: Approx. 4-5 kg


Small Bean Bag

Outer cover + inner cover + bean bag filling

Size: 125 x 90 cm

Price: From 39.990 Ft

The smallest Flashbag Classic is a small bean bag that is a must-have for children’s rooms. A great alternative seating solution for any room, for anyone. Age-wise, it’s most comfortable for children under 10-12 years and under 140 cm.

For adults and taller people it is more of an alternative seating option. It offers a quick and easy way to sit down anywhere, in any situation. It’s a great guest chair, great for reading a story to your child, even in the bathroom.

Our small bean bags are popular with playrooms, schools, nurseries, day care centres, childcare centres and many companies have also bought bean bags from us for use in recreation rooms and rest rooms.

Bean bag weight: Approx. 2-3 kg


Watch this short video which makes it easy to understand how a single bean bag can be used in so many different ways. 

The video shows the large bean bag pillow.


In the photos below we show you how many different ways you can use Flashbag Classic Bean Bags.


In all these colors you can order your new Flashbag Classic Bean Bag Pillow. Choose your color and order today.

If you have a unique idea, such as a striped or two-color bean bag, or if you want a bean bag in a different size, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to fulfil your unique idea.

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Az unokáknak a nagy babzsákok élmény ,nekem látvány,hogy ugrálnak és jól érzik magukat. Jó hogy megvettük.
Németh Kata
Németh Kata
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Mindenkinek bátran ajánlom! ☺️
Piszkei Irénke
Piszkei Irénke
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A kertünkbe kerestünk egy kényelmes kerti széket vagy nyugágyat, amikor rátaláltunk a babzsákokra egy kiállításon. Nekünk nagyon bevált, különösen tavasszal, ősszel szeretünk benne üldögélni a kertben egy finom forró tea társaságában. Nagyon meg vagyok elégedve.
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Szegedi Tamás
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A világ legkirályabb találmánya sorozat és filmnézéshez. Olyan kényelmes, hogy sokszor nem is akarunk kiszállni belőle. Ezért minden rágcsát oda kell készíteni mielőtt beleülünk 😀

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